Public Legal & Investigation Documents and Reports

Letter from Student – About Bantle’s inappropriate behavior as a school resource officer

Letter from Sheriff Garrett Wiggins – Explaining his concerns

Conclusion of Investigation – Letter from 21st Judicial District Attorney’s Office

State of Colorado Department of Law

Email from 14th Judicial Attorney’s Office

Steamboat Springs Police Department Criminial Offense Report

Letter from Steamboat Chief of Police

Steamboat Today Articles

Routt County Sheriff Garrett Wiggins prevails in lawsuit, 2.20.2018
A former Steamboat Springs Police Department officer has lost a lawsuit she filed against Routt County Sheriff Garrett Wiggins nearly two years ago.Kristin Bantle filed the lawsuit in federal court May 13, 2016….[Read full article]

Investigation clears law enforcement officials of wrongdoing, 9.27.2017
An independent investigation by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Mesa County District Attorney’s Office has determined several public officials did not commit any crimes…[Read full article]

Kristin Bantle takes stand, 12.2.2015
Kristin Bantle chose to testify in her own defense Wednesday and could not tell a jury why she omitted information on a questionnaire that included questions about her past drug use. “I have no idea,” said Bantle, a former Steamboat Springs Police Department officer who was fired in August…[Read full article]