Garrett Wiggins

Garrett Wiggins

Routt County Sheriff

Dedicated. Trustworthy. Accountable.

As twice-elected Routt County Sheriff since 2010, Garrett Wiggins has a proven track record of being a teamplayer, as is most-notably evidenced by his willingness to work with other organizations to address the key issues facing our communities.

Natural Leader
Garrett Wiggins is a natural leader.  He always places his staff and the citizens first and foremost. He has lead or participated in getting his staff the most current technology and equipment for them to better perform their duties in serving the citizens and keeping our County safe.  He participated in and/or led the design of the first law enforcement training facility in Routt County and the Combined Law Enforcement Facility (CLEF).

In his first two terms, Sheriff Wiggins established the school site safety assessment team for all schools in Routt County and worked with the Steamboat Springs Police Department to implement the Combined Emergency Response Team (CERT).  He established a highly trained and professional K-9 program, drone program, mounted patrol, and honor guard, among many others.

Garrett Wiggins


Dedicated to Law Enforcement and Routt County

Garrett Wiggins was born in Pinallis Park, Florida, in 1966 to John and Lynn Wiggins. He is a third-generation law enforcement officer from the Wiggins Family. His grandfather, father, and two brothers have also all served as law enforcement officers at some point during their lives. We strongly believe in dedication to the field and to serving our communities. Although there have been three generations of law enforcement professional in Wiggins' family, he is the only one who has made a career in the profession. At age 19, Garrett began his career on January 1, 1986, when he joined the Quincy Public Safety Department in Quincy, Florida. Since then, he has worked for three law enforcement agencies in two states and held numerous positions. He has worked in other professions as well, but law enforcement has always been his passion. He finds fulfillment when you are able to help someone who is experiencing a crisis, help save a life, rescue a lost skier, or catch and hold accountable a hardened criminal. He has spent 30 years of his life dedicated to one of the most honorable and satisfying careers there is - law enforcement.

Law Enforcement Career


Routt County Sheriff's Office


Twice-elected Sheriff of Routt County, CO.

Police Officer and Task Force Commander

Steamboat Springs Police Department


Sheriff Patrol Deputy

Routt County Sheriff's Office


Police Officer

Steamboat Springs Police Department


Police Officer

Quincy Police Department


Un-Paid Volunteer/Reserve Police Officer

Quincy Police Department


Assistant Manager/Manager

Swisher international


Police Officer/Firefighter

Quincy Police Department



  • 30+ years Law Enforcement experience
  • 13 years managing law enforcements agencies, eight as Routt County Sheriff and five as Commander of All Crimes Enforcement Team (ACET)
  • Three years in business with Swisher International
  • Dozens of law enforcement-related training certificates


  • Dispatcher
  • Firefighter
  • Police officer
  • Field Training Officer
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Firearms Instructor
  • SWAT member
  • Narcotics investigator
  • Major crimes investigator
  • Taskforce Commander
  • Sheriff


  • Accusation: Terminated From Law Enforcement
    FACT: Never Terminated
  • Accusation: Numerous Criminal Allegations
    FACT: Investigated, and found false and cleared
  • Accusation: Criminal History/Convictions
    FACT: None


Why I'm Running

I am running for Sheriff of Routt County because I want to continue to be proactive in advancing the Routt County Sheriff’s office in new and proven public safety techniques, as we honor our oath of office and work toward our pledge to serve and protect.

Maintaining a high level of public safety through good relationships with our citizens, businesses, and non-profit organizations is paramount to keeping Routt County a safe and wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family.  This belief is my foundation for providing the finest public safety services to our community, and has been a priority since I was elected in 2010.

Law enforcement officers often respond to very serious, life-threatening calls for service, which require a disciplined or non-discretionary response. However, for situations that are not of the more serious nature, my philosophy is not to in favor of heavy-handed law enforcement tactics, but rather to encoure independent discretion and the use of alternative techniques that result in the most effective outcome for all involved.

When I speak about public safety, the safety of our schools and maintaining a safe environment for our children and our educators is at the top of my list of priorities.  Our nation’s schools have been targeted by evil intentions, resulting in the loss of precious lives and grief and pain for many families. I pledge that I will continue my efforts and dedicate time to working with our citizens, businesses, and elected officials, as we research ideas to increase school safety, while at the same time maintaining a warm and welcoming learning environment.

Another important goal that drives and encourages me to run for a third term as your Sheriff, are the issues and concerns surrounding the reality that law enforcement continues to be a very dangerous profession.  The increasing threat is not only directed toward law enforcement officers, but often to the public as well. Maintaining a high level of continuous training is paramount in assuring not only quality service to our citizens, but also in assuring that our staff have the necessary tools, training, and experience for a long and healthy career of public service. Ongoing training is expensive and time-consuming, but it is a must, and there are no substitutes! I will continue to keep quality training at the top of my priority list to benefit us all.

Finally, our nation is experiencing an epidemic regarding opiate abuse that is resulting in increasing overdose deaths and an increase in crime.  I have already taken steps to team up with mental health and substance abuse organizations to combat this epidemic here in Routt County. The Routt County Sheriff’s Office was one of the first law enforcement agencies in Colorado to adopt a version of the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative (PAARI).  PAARI has since developed into a platform for many law enforcement agencies across our nation in battling this deadly epidemic.

I will work hard for the safety and well being of every person in Routt County. I hope to earn your support and vote this November.

Sincerely yours,