Sheriff Joe DiSalvo, Pitkin County
My name is Joe DiSalvo.  I have been the elected sheriff in Pitkin County for the past 8 years .  I have been a Colorado peace officer for the past 32 years.  I am currently running for my third term.  I met Garrett Wiggins when he was elected Routt County sheriff in 2011 and he attended the new sheriff’s institute, put on by our state sheriff’s association.  We hit it off right away.  Garrett is aprogressive and considerate man, a careful and deliberate person, and very reasonable.  Garrett brings a very intelligent level of conversation to all of our discussions.  He frequently keeps things in our association from becoming politically charged. He is very interested in evidence based practices in policing and corrections.  He is a leader among his fellow sheriffs, most of all he is a gentleman with a huge heart and compassion for human weakness.

Routt County has a great leader and genuinely nice man as their elected sheriff.  I urge you to re-elect Sheriff Garrett Wiggins. “

Sheriff KC Hume, Moffat County


Sheriff Justin Smith, Larimer County
“Garrett Wiggins has earned a reputation for his character, integrity, and hard work. From my years working with Sheriff Wiggins, I am truly impressed with how committed he is to serving citizens and visitors of Routt County. You will be well served by re-electing Garrett as your Sheriff in 2018.

Brent Rowan
“It’s been my honor to know Garrett Wiggins and his family for some 20 years. I cannot think of a more qualified, a more honorable, or a more deserving person to be the Sheriff of Routt County, Colorado. We are very fortunate.”

Chuck Vale
“Sheriff Wiggins has been a great leader and deserves and will get our support.”