School Safety. Opioid Abuse. Law Enforcement Officer Safety. Reducing Recidivism Rate for Crime and Substance Abuse.

Maintaining a high level of public safety through good relationships with our citizens, businesses and non-profit organizations is paramount to keeping Routt County a safe and wonderful place to live, work and raise a family.  This belief is my foundation to providing the finest public safety services to our community and has been a priority since I was elected in 2010, and continues today.

1.  School Safety

The safety of our schools, and maintaining a safe environment for our children and our educators, is at the top of my list of priorities. Our nation’s schools have been targeted by evil intentions, resulting in the loss of precious lives and grief and pain for many families. I pledge that I will continue my efforts and dedicate time to working with our citizens, businesses, and elected officials, as we research ideas to increase school safety in Routt County schools, while at the same time maintaining a warm and welcoming learning environment.

2. Reduce Opioid Abuse in Routt County

Our nation, including Routt County, is experiencing an epidemic regarding opiate abuse that is resulting in increasing overdose deaths and an increase in crime. I have already taken steps to team up with mental health and substance abuse organizations to combat this epidemic here in Routt County. The Routt County Sheriff’s Office was one of the first law enforcement agencies in Colorado to adopt a version of the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative (PAARI). PAARI has since developed into a platform for many law enforcement agencies across our nation in battling this deadly epidemic. With your support and vote, I will continue to fight to reduce or eliminate the opioid crisis here in Routt County.

3. Law Enforcement Officer Safety

Another important goal that drives and encourages me to run for a third term as your Sheriff are the increasing issues and concerns surrounding the reality that law enforcement continues to be a very dangerous profession. The increasing threat is not only directed toward law enforcement officers, but often to the public as well. Maintaining a high level of continuous training is paramount in assuring not only quality service to our citizens, but also in assuring that our staff have the necessary tools, training, and experience for a long and healthy career of public service. Ongoing training is expensive and time-consuming, but it is a must, and there are no substitutes. I will continue to keep quality training at the top of my priority list to benefit us all.

4. Combating Sexual Assault

Under Garrett’s leadership, the Routt County Sheriff’s Office has been active in combating sexual assault as an active member of the the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART).

4. Reducing Recidivism Rates for Crime and Substance Abuse

In an effort to reduce the likelihood of a convicted criminal to reoffend, Garrett has implemented and emphasized programs in our jail to help rehabilitate prisoners. Programs include AA, NA, Bible Studies,  and GED.  Feedback has been positive and helpful in changing lives.  Reducing recividism is key to reducing overall crime rates in Routt County.

Routt County is seeing an increase in individuals experiencing mental health conditions. Our area resources and treatment options are extremely limited, resulting in some people not receiving the treatment they need. This scenario has a direct correlation to school safety issues, suicide, and people being incarcerated for criminal offenses. Mental health problems have become a significant treatment budgetary expense for the operations of our county jail as well as a strain on detention employees. Jails are becoming increasingly populated with people suffering from mental health issues but jails are not the appropriate housing or treatment facility. Jails are designed to house criminals, not people experiencing a mental health crisis. As your Sheriff, I will continue working with our local mental health providers, social and human services and other organizations to address our local mental health needs.

I am running for sheriff of Routt County because I want to continue to be proactive in advancing the Routt County Sheriff’s office in new and proven public safety techniques as we honor our oath of office and work toward our pledge to serve and protect. These issues are key to increasing safety in Routt County and I will continue to dedicate my career to the safety of our citizens and officers.